“Behold children are a heritage from the Lord...” (Psalm 127:3)

In alignment with the theme of our adult fellowship - Loving God, Loving People - the overall goal of the Calvary Chapel Children’s Church program is to create a fun, safe environment where children feel welcomed, accepted, and loved. We take very seriously the opportunities from the Lord to relay the Gospel Message - the Good News to your children. Our prayer is that our efforts will bear much fruit, and that each child will choose eternal life in Jesus, our Lord, and then, continue to be nurtured and grow in their faith. May this prayer be answered as we serve Him by serving them!

Children have their own worship service and teaching time. We have a staffed nursery and Children’s Church with dedicated volunteers. Please sign in your children at least five minutes before service and pick them up as soon as possible after the service.


We have a worship time designed to meet the intellectual and spiritual needs of our kids. Worship is an essential part of the overall Sunday morning service, and is important to our vision in the children’s ministry. Though children may not enter into worship in the same way as an adult, it is vital that we provide them with Godly examples. This will then give them a foundation to build on, as they develop their own personal ways of expressing love and praise offerings back to the Lord. Worship is, after all, very important to our relationship with Jesus, helping us to focus our hearts and thoughts on Him in our own very personal, unique ways.

Nursery - Newborns to age 3

To have each child gain knowledge of the fact that:

  • God exists

  • God created them

  • God loves them

  • They can talk to God through prayer

  • Children will also begin to learn simple Bible stories during story time.

Pre-school thru K

To have each child gain a foundational understanding of:

  • Who God is

  • What God’s characteristics are

  • Basic foundational Bible stories that lead them to the Cross

  • The importance of obedience to God and to their parents

  • The Salvation Message (using the 5 colors of the Wordless Book)

  • The 10 Commandments

1st Grade - 3rd Grade

To have each child gain a clearer understanding:

  • Of the importance of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and their personal need for a savior

  • That the Bible is the Word of God and a resource for them

  • That they can and should seek out God's direction through prayer

  • That they can know God through the study of His Word

4th grade thru 6th grade

This is a pivotal age where strong teacher/student relationships are very important to each child’s Christian development. Teachers will reinforce the fact that God loves each of His children and that each of them can and should have a close personal relationship with Him.

  • Children will be introduced to the Calvary foundation of loving God and loving people.

  • Children will learn that serving others is serving God.

  • Children will learn how to build a relationship with God through the study of His Word.

  • Children will be given opportunities to discuss Biblical principles and discover ways to apply them to their lives.

Children’s ministry is a ministry to families. It is a time during our adult church service, set aside for the care and spiritual nurture of our children. Our intent is to support the parents' role as the spiritual leaders in their homes by providing this service while they participate in adult worship and study. The goal of serving one another and sharing in each others lives in this way creates the sense of an extended family; families growing together in their knowledge and in the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.