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Matthew 12:38-45

June 06, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 28:05 (25.7 MB)

Jesus is not obligated to perform tricks for us. If Jesus came and emblazoned His name across the sky, would it make a difference? The sign He has provided for all of us is the cross and the resurrection.

Matthew 12:22-37

May 30, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 35:56 (32.9 MB)

There is no neutral ground. Not making a decision is a "no" decision. Forgiveness is available for everything except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit -- defiantly denying Jesus' power and persistently refusing to believe.

Raising Families

May 23, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 40:13 (36.8 MB)

Parents have the primary responsibility for impressing the word of God upon their children, demonstrating a heart of love, and providing appropriate discipline.

Acts 11:19-21

May 16, 2010

Dan Kinnaman   Length: 37:20 (34.2 MB)

The going won't always be easy, but all will always go well for those who go with God.

Matthew 12:46-50

May 09, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 33:30 (30.7 MB)

We are naturally born into our human family but through the second birth, we are born into our spiritual family. All those who believe in the name of Jesus are family for we listen to the same Father.

Matthew 12:1-21

May 02, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 32:07 (29.4 MB)

The Pharisees added rules and regulations to God's law. They were incensed at the actions of the disciples, but missed the truth of the living word in their very presence.

Matthew 11:20-30

April 25, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 38:17 (35.1 MB)

We have received so much light and truth and we are responsible to act according to our knowledge of God's will. But that is not a heavy burden for us if we rest upon Him.

Matthew 11:1-19

April 18, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 44:13 (40.5 MB)

Look No Further. There is no one else coming who can save you. John the Baptist was discouraged when he did not see Jesus acting as he had expected. Jesus is a stumbling block but blessed is the man who does not fall away.

Acts 6:7-8:3

April 11, 2010

Anthony Chapman   Length: 38:50 (35.6 MB)

The Jews rejected Joseph and he saved them from death later on. They rejected Moses, and Moses led them out of captivity. As Stephen reminds them of this history, and how they went on to reject Jesus, they put Stephen to death, scattering the church and leading to further spreading of the word.

Acts 17:15-34

April 04, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 38:15 (35 MB)

Charles Spurgeon said that he believes that a very large majority of church goers are merely unthinking slumbering worshipers of an unknown god. Like the men of Athens, they are religious, but lack relationship with the one true God.

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