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Matthew 16:27-28

October 17, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 33:30 (30.7 MB)

For all people, the return of Jesus Christ dictates that we ask ourselves what we have done with God's Son. For Christians, how we live our lives until that time will dictate our reward in heaven.

Matthew 16:24-26

October 10, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 28:04 (25.7 MB)

If we want to follow Jesus, we must be willing to give up everything for Him, denying ourselves daily.

Matthew 16:21-23

October 03, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 31:59 (29.3 MB)

His Cross: We are reminded that Jesus came for the cross and He was quick to rebuke any who would try to distract Him from that purpose. Likewise we should not entertain distractions from our spiritual calling.

Matthew 16:13-20

September 26, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 32:48 (30 MB)

We can not know who we are until we know who Jesus is. If you asked your friends and coworkers who Jesus is, what would they say? Look for opportunities to ask and answer this question.

Matthew 16:1-12

September 19, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 28:38 (26.2 MB)

Are you a weather watcher or a Jesus follower?

Matthew 15:21-39

September 12, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 46:51 (42.9 MB)

Jesus demonstrates to His disciples that His compassion extends to all people. Although they objected, Jesus answers the plea of a persistent and humble woman.

Matthew 15:1-20 (Poor Quality Audio)

September 05, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 26:20 (24.1 MB)

Sometimes it's easy to honor God with our lips and yet have our hearts far from Him. But a heart that is far from God will reveal itself in our words and deeds.

Matthew 14:22-36

August 29, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:56 (33.8 MB)

Jesus often sends us out into storms as He did the disciples, but we may be comforted in knowing that He is praying for us.

Tom Miyashiro

August 22, 2010

Tom Miyashiro   Length: 43:45 (40.1 MB)

Tom Miyashiro of Faith 2 Faith Ministries International shares his perspective -- of awkward years going to school in Willimantic CT and the tragic loss of his wife Amy -- through the lens of a Christ-centered life.

1 Peter 1:2-11

August 15, 2010

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:18 (33.3 MB)

Our journey with Christ requires effort to be fruitful even though it is His power at work in us. It is more like a bike ride than a nap in an easy chair.

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