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Philippians 1:1-6

January 29, 2012

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 34:24 (31.5 MB)

As God continues to work in us to shape our character, we are tempted to ask, "Are we there yet?" What is that good work that He promised to complete in us? While we may not know the details, what we do know is that He is making us more like Christ Jesus every day.

Acts 16

January 22, 2012

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 48:02 (44 MB)

God has commanded believers to seek the lost, but how do we know whom we should approach? The apostle Paul tried many doors and was sensitive to God's leading. We should pray for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the unbelievers we encounter.

Proverbs 3:5,6

January 15, 2012

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:08 (33.1 MB)

One of the most well known proverbs instructs us to trust on the Lord and not in ourselves. Although this is against our nature, it is easy when you consider the character of the person in whom you are putting your trust.

1 Kings 19:1-18

January 08, 2012

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 33:03 (30.3 MB)

If you find yourself running because you are afraid, hiding in a place where God has not sent you, or resting when you should be doing God's work, then you may find instruction in this message from the life of Elijah.

Teen Challenge

January 08, 2012

Teen Challenge   Length: 35:37 (32.6 MB)

Inspirational testimonies and worship music from the girls of Teen Challenge Providence.

Something New

January 01, 2012

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 38:09 (34.9 MB)

In this New Years message, we are reminded that God makes all things new. He frees us from every weight; giving us forgiveness from the past, help in the present, and assurance for the future. Most important are the new things God wants to do through us.

The Gift

December 25, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 16:29 (15.1 MB)

In this family Christmas message, Pastor Rich reminds us that the best gift we as believers have received is the right to become children of God. Merry Christmas!

Psalm 13

December 18, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 44:52 (41.1 MB)

We often worry that God has forgotten us and hidden His face from us. We wrestle with our own thoughts and have sorrow in our hearts wondering if our enemy will win. When faced with these trials, turn despair into prayer and rejoice at what He will do.

2 Thessalonians 2:16,17

December 11, 2011

Matt Kinnaman   Length: 29:50 (27.3 MB)

We all have problems, but using examples from history, Matt Kinnaman reminds us that God's word commands us not to be discouraged. For the Christian, each defeat is a new beginning since God, in whom all things exist, is working all things for good.

2 Chronicles 20:1-29

December 04, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 43:53 (40.2 MB)

We, like Jehoshaphat, are outnumbered. In difficult circumstances we need to acknowledge that we need help. We must first seek Him in whom we find our help by offering our pryers to Him.

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