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Matthew 24:45 - 25:30

June 05, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 42:47 (39.2 MB)

Jesus is going to return and we are called to be ready now. The first step is having a relationship with Him, but then we must also be ready to do what He asks. He calls us to do the most with what we have been given.

Matthew 24:1-44

May 29, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 40:52 (37.4 MB)

The main purpose behind eschatological prophesy is to keep us watching and waiting for Christ's return. No one knows that day or hour, but to be ready, we need to have a right relationship with Him as personal savior.

Matthew 23:1-39

May 22, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 42:34 (39 MB)

To avoid hypocrisy we can either bring our talk down to our walk or bring our walk up to our talk. Jesus is not fooled by our outward appearance or how spiritual we look, speak, and act. We must have the truth inside of us. We must have Jesus.

Matthew 22:41-46

May 15, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 41:17 (37.8 MB)

Jesus turns the tables on the Pharisees by asking them some questions like, "Who is the Christ?" The Pharisees were not willing to recognize the deity of the don of David. We as Christians need to ask ourselves why we call Him "Lord" and not obey Him.

Matthew 22:34-40

May 08, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 42:02 (38.5 MB)

We are to love God with all of our being. How we treat others reflects on how much we love Him. The concern we have for our spiritual and physical wellbeing should be poured out towards our neighbor and we must deny ourselves for the good of others. This is not natural, but it is possible with God.

Not guilty by the work of Christ

May 01, 2011

Dan Kinnaman   Length: 32:57 (30.2 MB)

We are accused of sin and we each have a court appearance coming. Jesus has already paid the penalty in full for those who believe. And by living the perfect life, He will present us as righteous to God. Show your gratitude by the way you live today.

Sin & Death Are Overcome!

April 24, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 28:54 (26.5 MB)

Humanity's two biggest problems, sin & death, were conquered through the resurrection. We celebrate that victory not just this Sunday, but on the first day of every week. For we know that the one who raised Jesus will also raise us.

Matthew 22:23-33

April 17, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 40:17 (36.9 MB)

The Sadducees were in error in their denial of the resurrection because they did not know the scriptures or the power of God. They did not understand that God is the God of the living and not the dead. Whoever lives and believes in Him will never die.

Matthew 22:1-14

April 10, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 37:52 (34.7 MB)

If the King invites you to come, see that you do not refuse! Whether the message leaves you indifferent, hostile, or unchanged, none who refuses can attend the King's feast. You can not go without being clothed in His righteousness.

Matthew 21:33-46

April 03, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 37:29 (34.4 MB)

In this parable, the tenants who rejected the vineyard owner's son are likened to those Jews who rejected the Son of God. Ultimately all who reject Jesus will be "crushed" but those who fall on Him will be saved.

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