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Growing. Persevering. (2 Thessalonians 1:1-2)

June 29, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 43:56 (40.4 MB)

Is your faith growing? Growth takes care and effort and is brought about by God. Meeting in small groups, studying the Word, and praying for the Holy Spirit to do a work within us are things we can do. Involvement is better for growing than knowledge.


June 22, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:07 (33.2 MB)

Some of the qualities that make a good mom are leadership with heart, prayer and sacrifice, worship and trust, wisdom, teaching, and comforting. We are called to honor our mothers by revering, prizing and valuing them.

dad, Father

June 15, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 28:21 (26.1 MB)

Some of the qualities that make a good dad are love, presence, protection, strength, provision, wisdom, guidance, and example. We need help to be good dads, and God will help us. The Bible provides many examples of how God is our perfect Father.

Fallen? Broken? Ruined? God can Restore, Repair, and Rebuild. (Amos 9)

June 08, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 39:05 (35.9 MB)

The impossibility of escaping from God's impending judgment should make us tremble. Yet although He will sift us like wheat, He will also repair the broken places. He is the Master Craftsman who knows how to rebuild people.

The Plumb Line (Amos 7-8)

June 01, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 27:56 (25.7 MB)

Masons use a plumb line to measure a vertical surface. We can think of such a line coming down from heaven. God gives us this analogy to remind us that He sets the standard by which we are measured. His plumb line is one of righteousness.

It's All About Me (Amos 5-6)

May 25, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 31:09 (28.7 MB)

We may long for the Day of the Lord for our own benefit, but we should be mindful of those around us who are not saved because it is not all about us. That day will be great and dreadful and this should motivate us to share our faith and pray for souls.

Seek Me and Live (Amos 3-5)

May 18, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 41:11 (37.9 MB)

God sometimes brings calamity on people that they might turn from their lethargy towards Him. When these times happen in this country, we often hear, "God Bless America!" We should instead ask for His mercy and diligently seek Him.

A Message for All (Amos 1-2; Romans 3:22-24)

May 11, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 27:57 (25.7 MB)

God sees the sins of all nations and people, and speaks to their hearts, even when they do not know His word. God also saw the sins of Israel, who did know right from wrong and still sinned. When we acknowledge our sin, God will show mercy.

Amos: Sheepherder, Fig-picker, Used by God (Amos 1:1,2)

May 04, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:11 (33.3 MB)

Amos, who prophesied about 760 years before Jesus, during a time of materialism and paganism, was a lowly person. God is in the business of using lowly people, and He can use us too. One of the chief ways we can be used is by praying for others.

Pray for Souls (1 Timothy 2)

April 27, 2014

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 33:03 (30.4 MB)

It is God's desire that all would come to knowledge of the truth, but not all will. We can be aligned with God's desires by praying for the souls of people who do not know Him. For it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment.

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